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Roger Cater B.Bus, MRACI

Polymer Materials Resources for Sale

Units 1 to 18 of Polymer Materials are now available online for the low price of $2.70 each.Polymer Materials Resources for Sale

  • Unit 1 – The Nature of Stuff  FREE with any other purchase
  • Unit 2 – Polymerisation – The Making of Plastic
  • Unit 3 – Predicting Polymer Properties from Structure
    Unit 4 – Thermoset vs Thermoplastic Plastics
  • Unit 5 – Compounding for Properties
  • Unit 6 – Plastics Processing Machines Techniques
  • Unit 7 – The Rheology of Plastics
  • Unit 8 – The Properties of Plastics
  • Unit 9 – Engineering Plastics
  • Unit 10 – Reaction Injection Moulding
  • Unit 11 – Rubber
  • Unit 12 – Plastics Used in Packaging
  • Unit 13 – PET
  • Unit 14 – Fluoro
  • Unit 15 – Plastics in Textiles
  • Unit 16 – Fibre Reinforced Plastic
  • Unit 17 – Building with Plastic
  • Unit 18 – Recycling Plastic

Learn more or purchase the resources here


  • These resources will be emailed to the purchaser in PDF format.
  • These resources were designed to be a resource for Diploma of Engineering students.
  • We recognise that certain purchasers may need multiple copies. The $2.70 price has been set very low to encourage purchase of originals and to discourage excessive reproduction.

COVID-19: Cash support for employers of apprentices

Employers of apprentices can apply for an apprentice wage cash subsidy of 50% for the 9 months from the first day of 2020, up to a cap of $21,000 for each apprentice. Applications open in April. See this site for full details:

This is aimed at employers with fewer than 20 employees and will be paid quarterly. Applies to apprentices already employed and in training before start of March 2020.

QPITC 35th Annual General Meeting

QPITC Members and Management Committee: Message from Association Secretary follows:

The AGM for QPITC was held as e-business, opening the meeting after the Audited Accounts were received by the Chairman and Treasurer at end of September, and closing the meeting at the “close of business 11th of December 2019”, and confirming re-election of Chairman and others, and some new appointments. (Refer to the revised “Corporate Directory” on the revised website

QPITC 35th Annual General Meeting Summary of Chairman’s Address

Queensland Plastics Industry Training Committee (Inc. 0399)
35th AGM of QPITC, 11 December, 2019.

This Association was incorporated in Queensland on 5th July 1984 under the Associations Incorporation Act 1981.

The advancement of the industry’s polymer technology training is the primary function of this Association.

Vocational education & training for polymer processing must focus on commercial & practical application of the science of the materials and the science of the manufacturing processes.

In this industry, an apprenticeship is an educational program aiming to improve the enterprise capability and to help the business grow and prosper.

Our industry enterprises give 65% of apprenticeships to existing workers who have proved their worth in the workplace over time periods from two to ten years of employment.

The 20-30 years’ age group of apprentices makes up 50% of the apprentice numbers, with the next 25% being under 20 years of age, and “mature-age” apprentices ranging between 30-45 years of age, being the final 25% of the total of over 120 in continuous enrollment across the specialized polymer processing sectors.

The Queensland government stands out from the other States, with its recognition of these Trade Apprenticeships, and an intelligent funding system for the governance of the training delivery.

This is my opportunity to thank both the Queensland State Government and all the industry sectoral committee members, on behalf of the Queensland Plastics Industry as represented by our Association Members and our allied industry friends.

James Hunter
Chairman of QPITC,
December 2019.