Good news for all of our Plastics Industry Apprenticeships

The old financial incentives system is obsolete and now all financial assistance for employers based on wage subsidies.

Employers can claim 10% of wages paid to the Australian Apprentice for the first and second 12-month period (up to $1,500 per quarter) and 5% of the wages paid to the Australian Apprentice for the third 12-month period (up to $750 per quarter).

The Australian Apprentice must be undertaking Certificate III or above qualification with an occupational outcome as listed on the Australian Apprenticeships Priority List, and so I have checked this list and noted that this now means that all of the Queensland Plastics Industry Apprenticeships based on PMB40121 Certificate IV Polymer Technology, and PMB30121 Certificate III Polymer Processing are now therefore eligible for this funding assistance.

These are, of course, all the plastics apprenticeships listed with graduates to-date on the Plastics-ITC website, and the Federal Government is now able to collect statistics for the Plastics Technician Occupation which is now also a declared “shortage” (at last).

To check further on your eligibility and for more information about applying, contact the provider person who arranged the “sign-up” for your apprentice(s) (NB they get paid to do this for you).