Federal plastics technician skills shortage and polymer processing/technology apprenticeship priority

The Federal Government initiated a review of data collections for jobs, occupations and skills shortages, using new analytical software and real-world auditing to validate the results. This is good news for the “invisible” plastics industry, as we finally have real published data on which to base Government training assistance and business decisions. The 2023 Jobs and Skills Australia Priority List (ANZSCO 2022) now lists the 399916 Plastics Technician as being in a skills shortage (S), and the 2023 Australian Apprenticeship Priority List shows Plastics Technician with its three qualifications, being:

  • PMB30121 Certificate III in Polymer Processing;
  • PMB40121 Certificate IV in Polymer Technology; and
  • PMB50121 Diploma of Polymer Technology.

In Queensland, the PMB30121 and PMB40121 qualifications cover all of the Government-funded plastics apprenticeships like Composites Technician, Extrusion Technician and Injection Moulding Technician.

Rodger Wolfe Achievement Award: Update

The special bank account for this award now stands at $5,600 thanks to some generous donors. The award will be made to PARTEC Composites Technician apprentices with achievements in marine composites. Graeme Margetts, composites trainer at PARTEC Institute will manage the selection for this year, being the inaugural presentation of this award and a memorial to Roger Wolfe and his devotion to composites in boatbuilding.

Composites trainer update

Regarding the PARTEC Institute Composites Technician Trainer to replace Mark Halford going into semi-retirement, we have highly skilled and internationally experienced Diettmar Heydenrych (Dieter@partec.qld.edu.au), and to assist him and replace Dean Margetts, we now have brother of Dean, Graeme Margetts (graeme@partec.qld.edu.au), also highly qualified and experienced in marine composites repair and boat production.

Vale Rodger Wolfe

Rodger Wolfe was the first Composites Technician trainer at the PARTEC Composites Training Centre in Brisbane. Rodger was instrumental in getting the first trade apprenticeships up and running at the PARTEC Composites Training Centre at Mt Gravatt. Unfortunately brain cancer was diagnosed last Christmas and he passed away this week. There will be many former student apprentices who trained with him. A celebration of his contribution to the composites technician trade will be held at the Mt Gravatt Crematorium off Mains Road on Tuesday 14th of February 2023, at 2pm.